On September 22, 2022, Jerusalem Children and Community Development Organization (JeCCDO) discussed and approved the 6th round of the six-year SMP (2022-2077) and approved it at Bishoftu city’s JeCCDO Opportunity for Training Center (JOCTC). On that day, 20 people were present, and they were members of the Board of JeCCDO, Management members, and Area community development program office Managers.

Opening remarks

Ato Melugeta Gebru, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization, gave a welcome and opening speech. In his opening speech, Ato Melugeta explained the organization’s historical establishment and development stages. According to Mulugeta, the organization was established in 1985 as a childcare provider organization. But after years of supporting and caring for children at six child care centers, it followed the approach of integrating children into families. Later on, the organization followed the approach of integrated community development enabling children to grow up within a family and their community in order to share the values and culture of the community and become responsible citizens. He said that currently, JeCCDO has reached the development level of social business for social development.

According to Ato Mulugeta, JeCCDO brought several innovative ideas to the country and contributed to improving the livelihood of its targeted population. Its innovative approaches include promoting the Self-Help Group approach, introducing the concept of Bio-intensive Gardening, introducing the concept of Grain bank and social enterprise business, etc.

As stated by the CEO, the process of the SMP development was very participatory. Therefore, the Staff of the organization from the project level to the Head office, key stakeholders, and Community Based organizations is highly involved during the whole process of developing this important plan. In his message regarding the plan for the sixth years of SMP (2022-2027), he thanked the Board members, Management members, partners, consultants, and support staff for their contributions in making the plan to date. Finally, regarding the completion of the document, he concluded his opening speech by saying that we would reach an agreement to finalize the document.

Ato Mulugeta Gegru
Ato Mulugeta Gegru CEO of JeCCDO

At the beginning of his speech, Ato Tadesse Haile, the consultant, said, “We thank the organization for giving us the opportunity to prepare this SMP document.” Subsequently, Ato Tadesse thanked the Management members, Board members, and stakeholders for their sincere cooperation and support to complete the document.

Ato Tadesse mainly paid attention and presented the following. The rationale for developing the SMP, the SMP’s objective, the planning process, the vision, mission, core values, and the four strategic directions are outlined below.

  • Strategic Direction 1: Focused & Transformed JeCCDO
  • Strategic Direction 2: Effective and Efficient Resource Mobilization and Management
  • Strategic Direction 3: Quality and Sustainable programs/ projects
  • Strategic Direction 4: Institutionalized initiatives
Ato Tadesse Haile, Consultant

Ato Tadesse also presented the program framework, targets, geographic focus, budget, and M&E. Accordingly, the planned target for the next six-year SMP period is 5,247,030, and the planned budget is one billion birrs.

At the end of Tadess’s presentation, there was a discussion and reflection session. After the discussion and reflection, Ato Mulugeta asked the Board of Directors for approval of the six years Strategic Management Plan. The Board of Directors of the Organization has approved the SMP (2022- 2027) with the full consent and vote of its members.

The Way Forward

After approval of the document, Ato Mulugeta discussed the way forward. He said, “Thanks for your participation.” He added that the discussion was very interesting and appreciated the commitment of the Board.

  • “We promised to implement the SMP for the next six years, and fund raising is not the response of the management but also the Board.”
  • “I am confident in mobilizing the planned resources and will work to achieve the anticipated results.”
  • “We will consult with the staff of the organization at all levels during the course of implementation of the SMP.”
  • “I believe that better results will be achieved and that we can bring changes to the life of society. “
 Closing Remark

Ato Desta Asfaw, the Vice Chairperson of the Board, has made the closing remark. Ato Desta said, “Thank you very much.” He added that it is our strategic management plan because it is a document that we have prepared and we own it. It shows where we will reach in the next six years and what we need. Besides, he said that we accepted the plan because we own it. Therefore, I think this is the tree we are planting. A tree needs water, soil, sunlight, and care. A tree that receives care will bear fruit. Therefore, if this document is ours, we must work in a participatory way so that many can benefit from its fruits. He said that we should do the following to make this a success:

  1. We have to work as a team.
  2. We have to grow and learn and gain experience in what we do. As soon as the tree dries up, it needs water and oxygen, so to achieve our plan and see the fruits it needs follow-up like that the tree.
  3. A sense of ownership and motivation is required.
  4. We have to work hard to make our plans come true.
  5. During the process, we need to engage with our targets, stakeholders, donor, CBOs, etc.

Finally, Ato Desta said that if we are practical, we will be successful.

Ato Desta Asfaw Vice Chairperson of the Board