8th round graduation event for rehabilitation of women in difficult circumstance took place at JeCCDO rehabilitation center in Bahirdar in May 6,2023.

On a recent occasion, 80 young women were celebrated for completing a rigorous vocational and business development skill training program that lasted for three months. The program was organized by JeCCDO (Jerusalem Children and  Community Development Organization) in partnership with private vocational training institutions. The CEO of JeCCDO, Ato Mulugeta Gebru, personally handed out the certificates of completion to the successful graduates, along with distinguished guests of honor.

Program Details

This vocational and business development training program was designed to empower young women with practical skills and knowledge that they could use to improve their economic prospects. The graduates are now equipped to engage in a variety of business activities, such as weaving, mini-shopping, sheep fattening, embroidery, hairdressing, making injera, preparing food ingredients, and many others.

Before receiving the vocational and economic rehabilitation training, these trainees received extensive behavior change and life skills training, professional counseling and guidance, and other psychosocial and emotional services. Additionally, medical checkups and treatments were provided to ensure that the trainees were in good health and ready to participate in the program.


In recognition of the hard work and dedication shown by seven previous trainees who have already established successful businesses and become role models in their communities, they were awarded 8000 ETB each. This gesture serves as an inspiration to current trainees to follow in their footsteps and achieve success in their own business ventures.

Overall, the vocational and business development skill training program has not only equipped these young women with practical skills and knowledge, but it has also provided them with the confidence and motivation needed to pursue their dreams and improve their economic prospects. By empowering these young women, JeCCDO and their partners have taken a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and prosperous community. During the event, one of the private training companies that has made an outstanding contribution to the skill development of the rehabilitees was given a recognition and an appreciation certificate.

The Amhara National Regional State Council’s Women and Children Affairs Standing Committee Chairperson W/ro Hanan Abdu, Bahirdar City Administration Council House Speaker Ato Fitihanegest Bezabih, JeCCDO CEO Ato Mulugeta Gebru, staff of JeCCDO Head Office and Bahirdar Area Program Office CBO representatives, and previous graduates attended the event.

Closing remark

In the last seven rounds, excluding the current graduates, a total of 309 women and girls graduated and have been engaged in various private income-generating activities and employed in private and public business enterprises.

The project has been implemented by JeCCDO in partnership with and with funding from the Swedish International Development Corporation Agency (SIDA)