Social Accountability Promotion, Peace and Democratic Governance Promotion, Social Enterprise Development and Promotion

The program aims to strengthen community engagement in local development, peace-building, and influencing changes of government policies and practices. The ultimate goal of the program is to create a sustainable and peaceful environment for the target communities, where they can exercise their social and economic rights, engage in social business schemes, and be active participants in governance processes.

The three major sub-components of the program are as follows:
  • Social Accountability Promotion:

This component aims to increase the accountability of government institutions and public officials to the target communities. This includes raising awareness about the importance of accountability, building the capacity of communities to engage with government institutions, and advocating for policy and institutional changes that promote social accountability. The goal is to empower communities to hold their leaders accountable for their actions and to promote transparency and accountability in governance.

  • Peace and Democratic Governance Promotion:

This component aims to promote peace and democratic governance in the target communities. This includes providing civic education and human rights training, building the capacity of local organizations to engage in peace-building and conflict resolution activities, and promoting the participation of women and marginalized groups in decision-making processes. The goal is to create an environment that is conducive to sustainable community development, where conflicts are resolved peacefully, and democratic governance is practiced.

  • Social Enterprise Development and Promotion:

This component aims to promote social entrepreneurship in the target communities. This includes providing training and capacity-building support for individuals and groups to develop their social enterprise ideas, promoting access to finance and markets, and creating an enabling environment for social enterprise development. The goal is to empower communities to generate their own income and create employment opportunities while addressing social and environmental issues in their communities.


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