Core Programs

Children and Youth Development
JeCCDO focuses on programs that promote change and growth of children and youth to meet their livelihoods, wellbeing and healthy development.
Social Innovation
JeCCDO will value more on innovation and entrepreneurship (social enterprise at CBO and JeCCDO level as well as individual business enterprises) in seeking new ways to respond to the social and economic challenges of vulnerable communities in sustainable manner.
Capacity Development and Social Protections
Enabling people, organizations, and systems to innovate and respond to needs and challenges is the other thematic focus area of JeCCDO programs and projects. In this case the capacities of community based organizations, partner government and civil society organizations and issues of social accountability and protection will be addressed and enhanced.
Humanitarian Responses
With the growing challenge of ongoing conflicts in the country, the growing climate crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic humanitarian needs are rising from time to time. JeCCDO takes a comprehensive approach to engage in emergency response including preparedness, immediate assistance and long‐term recovery of the communities to be affected.
What We Do?

Our Approach

The establishment of a strong Social Accountability Committee (SAC) is one of the innovative approaches of JeCCDO. Establishment of this committee highly contributed to improve basic social services delivery. The SAC at Bishoftu and Bahir Dar towns is playing a significant role in organizing interface meetings between the service providers and service users. As a result, service providers is improving provisions of social services in their localities. Different organizations have been sharing experiences from the SACs, especially SACs located in Bishoftu town.

Engaging in social enterprise is the second innovative approach of JCCDO. It has initiated the Training Center in Bishoftu that generates sustainable income from renting training facilities and other services, and accommodations. The income from this enterprise is allocated for different social development interventions including responses to Internally Displaced People. This innovative approach is also contributing to ensure the institutional and economic sustainability of the organization.

The third innovative approach is the grain bank business being implemented under partners CBOs. The model initiates CBOs to buy different cereals during the harvest time and store it for seasons of scarcity. Therefore, to whoever facing shortage of supply, CBOs sale it with reasonable prices to their members and reduces food shortage burdens thereby helping community members to lead more stable life.

What we DO?

Social Development and Protection


Education, Care and Support, Rehabilitation and Reintegration, Health, Child Safeguarding, Grants Management, and Capacity Development of Community Based Organizations (CBOs).

Livelihood Promotion & Environmental Dev't (LPED)


Youth Empowerment, Women’s Economic Empowerment and Self-Help Group Promotion, Food Security and Nutrition Promotion, Environmental Development, Productive Safety Net (PSN)

Humanitarian Response and Recovery


Emergency Preparedness and Response & Recovery and Rehabilitation

Community Engagement and Participation


Social Accountability Promotion, Peace and Democratic Governance Promotion, Social Enterprise Development and Promotion


Our Partners